WooCommerce Products Grid Builder

Easily build custom templates for WooCommerce products. Choose the perfect layout like Grid, List, Masonry, Carousel or Full Page and start creating the stunning products overview pages that sell! Intuitive and easy to customize by any user, pro or beginner, WOO GRID is that plugin you've been searching for!

WooCommerce Products Grid Builder

1. Select Layout





Full Page

2. Select Template Elements



Images - Carousel


Short Description


Button - Add to cart

Button - View product

Label - On Sale

Label - Is Featured

3. Style Elements

Edit the style for the following elements:

  • Product item templates: this is the container that defines the single item in the grid.
  • Rows: rows are full width div’s that hold the columns. For example, if you want to display 2 buttons on the same line, then you’ll have a row with 2 columns and in each column you’ll have a button
  • Columns: Columns are used to hold the elements inside.
  • Elements: WooCommerce products elements like title, price, description etc.

The following styles can be edited: Font, Margin, Padding, Background Color, Border, Box Shadow, Transition and Content Align. For the buttons, there is also an option to add an icon. You can see the changes in real time by clicking on the Preview button.

4. Select Options

Here you can choose to display pagination or not, to display pagination links or a simple button that will add more products on same page, customize the pagination style and set a number of products that will be displayed per page.

Also, you can choose to display only products from specific categories, products that are on sale or featured products.

5. Use the Shortcode

Use the shortcode on the page / post / widget to display the template. You can use multiple shortcodes on same page. Let’s say you need to display 2 carousels: first with products that are on sale, second with featured products and below them display all products as a masonry grid. You’ll need to create 3 shortcodes and use them.

WooCommerce Products Grid Builder - Successful Purchase

Get Started

Test drive the plugin on your website. Creating the great looking layout that SELL your WooCommerce products is super easy!

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